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About HRA

As a team, we work on a diverse range of marketing, commercial consulting and market research projects. Having specialists in each of these fields enables us to offer clients an end-to-end service, from developing product concepts and branding, through to finding a distributor. No other food and drink agency offers such a comprehensive service.

We’re not just here to help you launch your products – long-term partnerships are important to us and we are always on hand to assist you with broader business issues or new product/new market decisions.

As specialists in the food and drink industry, there are few questions we haven’t been asked. In today’s market, consumers expect more than ever from their food and drink products and we help clients make the right decision for their products at all stages of the lifecycle.

Clients often come to us with questions including:

How can I build on my success through exports?
Which markets should I export to?
Will my brand translate into international markets?
What can I do about my falling sales?
How can I increase my profitability?
What categories should we expand into?
Why aren’t consumers buying my product anymore?
What is it consumers like about my product?
Will this NPD work?
How can I hold onto my listings?
How can I get the buyer’s attention?
Which stores should I approach?
How will these wider trends impact on my brand?
How do I get my brand noticed?
Should I use a co-packer?

Our clients value our friendly, yet critical perspective - combining practical commercial experience at board level with our proprietary analytical techniques, we’re able to bring a unique perspective to projects.

Our unique mix of commercial and marketing strategy, market research, and exporting gives us the knowledge to take a comprehensive view of our clients’ challenges. Therefore we are able to support them wherever and however the need arises.

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